Curved Footboard Bedroom Set

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This bedroom set was so much fun to paint.  I had to do a little repair work from the beginning.  Gluing and filling where it was needed, but it didn’t take too much to get her ready to paint.  I again painted with SW Proclassic paint in Creamy, distressed with a rotary sander, and glazed with the glaze from Sherwin Williams mixed with a brown sample paint.  I am in love with curved footboards!  I was also able to keep the original hardware

I first posted these on a FB online garage sale site.  Someone commented that she had bought one before and it did not fit a full mattress, so we lugged the bed upstairs to my daughter’s room and tested her mattress.  It did fit, but just a heads up if you buy a curved footboard bed.  Apparently sometimes they do not fit.

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