White Pedestal Table with Duck Egg Blue Chairs

I spend a lot of time getting inspiration from Pinterest.   At this point, I’ve only painted 9 pieces of furniture.  There is so, so much more that I want to do!  This table is actually the first thing I started painting.  I kept seeing a picture on Pinterest of a pedestal table with blue chairs and I loved it:).  The table was a bit harder to paint than I had anticipated.  Considering this was the first time I had painted with a paint sprayer, I probably should have waited to do this until I had a couple other pieces under my belt.  In my opinion a dresse (especially a distressed dresser) is much easier to paint than a table because of the table top.  It was very hard to do the entire table top without getting a drip, and I wanted it to be perfect, so I wasn’t content with any drips.  You’re spraying down at the table top (at least I was) so the potential for a little build up to trip down for me was likely.  Also, I learned never stop you’re motion until you’re off the table.  That was a pretty quick learn:).

The chairs were also fairly difficult.  The first pass on the chair I had runs everywhere.  Finally, I got the hang of very, very light coats, just multiple of them.  I knew that was necessary, but getting the hang of it was still a challenge.  So, here’s the final product:).  I hope someday to have a nicer staging area than my garage, but carrying it inside seems a bit labor intensive for a good photo.



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