Bring new life to your worn out furniture with a Stain Marker. Easy, easy, easy with great results!

I have been making changes to our living room.  It wasn’t bad before, but it was never quite what I wanted.  After I finished most of the more labor intensive projects, I stood back and assessed my work.  What was standing out to me was how bad our furniture looked!  All the scratches, nicks, and banged up edges were making the finished project not look polished.  It’s amazing how adding  the exact art, furniture, and decor to a room that you want to achieve a desired look won’t always get you there.  You have to take care of the details to get that magazine look.  I’ve noticed this the most in the bathroom.  I added the color, shower curtain, and art I wanted, but until I fix the caulking around the shower and countertop to make it look clean, it will never look like the picture in the magazine:).  The devil is in the details, right?

So, what to do about this worn out furniture?  Well, I walked out to the garage and grabbed the stain pen that I had bought a while ago at Menard’s.  I had never used it before, but I knew it was easy to use.  Wow!  The outcome was wonderful.  The furniture looked so much better after I spent 15 minutes, basically coloring this stain onto all the scratches and roughed up edges.  Here’s the pen that I used, Minwax Wood Finish Stain Marker in Provincial.


Here is the before and after picture from the legs of our couch.  For my purposes, I stuck plastic bags under the legs and just took the marker and started coloring.  After about 5-10 minutes I would wipe off the stain.  It was so easy, even my 7 year old daughter did it.  She thought it looked fun, so I gave her the reins and let her color away.  She was very proud of herself:).  It’s such a rewarding little task because the results are wonderful.  Big bang for a little buck!


In my opinion, if your furniture looks like mine.  It is totally worth picking up one of these little $6 pens and going to town!


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