Fall Table with Dried Hydrangeas

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When we moved into our house almost 5 years ago, one of the first changes we made to the landscaping was to add a hydrangea bush.  I’m so glad we did.  I love it.  We have since added a few more, which hopefully they will flourish like the first one has.  I had been admiring the beautiful blooms for weeks, when a Craigslist buyer came by our house to look at a piece of furniture.  This was about mid-October, and I live in Northwest Ohio, so the life of these blooms were coming to an end.  She suggested that I cut off the blooms, leave them in a bucket in the garage for two weeks, and then spray them with hairspray.  I’m so glad I did, because I get to continue enjoying these beautiful flowers for a bit longer.

I had no experience in cutting or drying flowers, so I still may not have followed the proper procedure, but one thing I did learn.  You have to wait until they take on this more washed out hue of green and magenta, at least for the type we have.  The original blooms were a more vibrant violet color.  I cut two blooms that still maintained the vibrancy, and they quickly withered.     


I wanted to display these flowers in a pretty Fall tablescape, and when I pulled out my recently acquired Johnson Brothers “The Friendly Village” plates, I knew it was meant to be.   The hydrangeas perfectly drew out the magenta and green colors in the dishes.  Each dish has a different scene, which makes for an interesting and lovely table.



I went up to the linen closet and brought out very delicate and pretty embroidered cloth napkins that have never been used.  This table also gave me the opportunity to use my little bird napkin rings I picked up at Pottery Barn last year.  The table is very simple, but I think it came together nice.



Thanks for looking!


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