Refinished Furniture Projects in 2014

Furniture Projects 2014


New Year’s Eve!  Today is a day to reflect over what has happened over the last year and relish in the fact that a new year is waiting with projects to tackle and memories to be made.  I look at the furniture pieces that I’ve painted and I wish it was more, but I did finish many projects inside the house this year, so I feel I have made accomplishments.  I’m so excited of the projects awaiting us in the new year.  We are in the process of finishing our basement.  This inevitably brings many DIY projects to mind.  The first is tackling the major amount of built-ins that I have planned for this room.  When this is finished, my husband’s office will shift to our former playroom and I will take over his old office (the fourth bedroom).  This means I GET AN OFFICE!  I cannot wait to decorate that space.  My husband’s office will also need to be decorated, and he’s a patent examiner, so I can see gray walls with some vintage patents on the wall.  Our dining room is currently stuffed full of a leather sectional and other things waiting for a home in the basement, therefore when the basement is finished, I can set up my newly refinished dining table (which is not pictured because I haven’t finished it yet) and finally make our dining room a usable space.  So many projects await!

That is not all, my 3 year old son currently has no bedroom furniture, this means I get to start from scratch.  He is head over heels over trains, so a vintage train room is on the 2015 agenda.  I’m going to take inspiration from Restoration Hardware’s Child and Baby rooms.  DIY vintage train art with free printable art will definitely be a project on the list.  Also, industrial shelving, a distressed railroad crossing sign, and a dresser painted in a dark navy.  I can’t wait to jump in to 2015!

Now, for some of the furniture I’ve finished in 2014.

White table with duck egg blue chairs

White Pedestal Table with Duck Egg Blue Chairs

Coral Dresser with Brass Pulls_1

Coral Dresser

Refinished Oak Kitchen Table

Refinished Oak Kitchen Table

Duck Egg Blue Hutch

Duck Egg Blue Hutch

Mid-century Modern Dresser

White mid-century modern dresser

Serpentine oak dresser_1

Serpentine Oak Dresser

I hope you also have fun projects waiting for you in 2015! Happy New Year’s!

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