Jessi’s Mid-century Modern meets Rustic Living Room

Jessi's Living Room numbered

I had so much fun putting together this inspiration board.  It was done for a dear friend.  She already had a great start for a mid-century meets rustic living room with the couch, rug, deer head, framed art in the lower left, and chairs in the lower right.  I scoured the online sites of her favorite stores to give her some added inspiration.  I hope you enjoy!

1., Brindle Stripe Spice Hand Knotted Rug

2., Silver and Amber Crop 18″ x 18″

3., Yellow Circles, 18″ x 24″

4., Treeline Haze I, 18″ x 24″

5., Abstract Image in Green, Brown, and White, 24″ x18″

6., Large Potted Grass

7., Monarch Sideboard

8., Woven Isle 23″ x 11″ pillow

9., Club Chair, color: Taylor, linen

10., Dupioni Silk Drape, color: Lagoon

11., Reactive Blue Bottles

12., Arched Floor Lamp

13., Luxe Table Lamp

14. www.american, Parker

15., Jeffan New Hampton End Table

16., Jersey Interknit 20″ Pillow

17., Room Essentials Velvet Wave Toss Pillow, 18″ x 18″

18., Almost Oblong Coffee Table

19., Ceramic Whale Trinket Plate

20., Threshold Feathers Toss Pillow

21., By Post Trunks-set of 2

I just thought I’d throw this little extra tid-bit in here.  This is how I was envisioning the pillows I included.  Of course, this is just my vision for them.  The nice thing about design is that everyone sees something different and unique, and that creates beauty.

Couch View

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