Don’t buy it, ’til you love it!

Don't buy it love it PinterestDon’t buy it, ’til you love it….  That may sound like a strange topic to write about, but I seriously struggle with this easy concept.  I thought I might not be alone.  I am a sale shopper, a bargain hunter, a girl who can’t pass up a good deal.  I’m an impulse buyer, and patience is not my virtue.  So, when it comes to some things in life, this has sometimes been a benefit, but also a detriment.  I can not tell you all the stuff that has come into our home, stayed there for a month or so, and then we’ve given away because I don’t really like it.  I’ve decided I’m going to try to STOP THE MADNESS!  I have been working with myself to not always buy what is on sale or inexpensive, but instead really put thought into what I want and save until I can buy it.  In the end, this will save me money.  Our house will not be a revolving door for home decor. linens, drapery, furniture, etc.

Now, I’m not going overboard.  I know myself too well.  When the trend changes, I will change with it.  So, I know I won’t be hanging on to everything for 20 years, but keeping things around for a couple of years would be nice.  I think there are two distinct personality types when it comes to purchasing; those who purchase items that are timeless and classic, and those who purchase items that are trendy and the latest style.  Often, the person who desires timeless and classic will pay top dollar for quality because they know they will keep that item for years to come.  I think this really comes out in clothing purchases.  My sister will pay much more than I will for an article of clothing because she will keep it nice and wear it for years.  I won’t pay a lot, because I know the following year, the chances are pretty high that I won’t wear it anymore.  I take quantity over quality.  I don’t need my shirt to last five years, because I probably will only keep it for one, maybe two, seasons.

So, because of this, I’m still trying to be frugal in my purchases because I know the trends will change, but I’m trying to make smarter, more thought out purchases.  What has helped me the most in this endeavour is planning ahead.  Instead of just going to the store and grabbing items willy nilly, I’m doing some planning at home.  I’ve been putting together inspiration boards, and pinning rooms and items I love in Pinterest.

Inspiration Boards are very helpful.  I’ve included one below that I did for my friend Jessi, and the rest you can find here.  I have not posted any for my home yet because they’re a work in progress.  I simply use Powerpoint and either save the images from websites and insert them into Powerpoint as pictures, or copy and paste images from sites that don’t allow you to save the images, and then crop them in Powerpoint so I just have the image of the item.  If you need more help, let me know in the comments and I’ll include more details.

Jessi's Living Room numbered

Jessi’s Mid-century Modern Meets Rustic Living Room

You can also cut and paste pictures from magazines.  Anything that will let you visualize the overall style of the room you are decorating.  I’d say start with something that you absolutely love, whether that be a rug, a couch, a chair, art, fabric, etc.  Then pull in pieces that coordinate or complement that beginning staple piece.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match.  I think rooms look beautiful when everything in the room does not match perfectly, but complements each other.  For instance, instead of buying your end table, coffee table, and entertainment center all from the same line at a furniture store, pull in pieces that have complementary features.  Like a similar wood tone, or metal tone.  Clean lines, or a chunky build.  Modern, global, rustic, industrial, farmhouse, etc. These features can be pulled together without matching perfectly.  Below I’ve shown some examples, but if this is overwhelming to you, there are often salesmen or women in furniture stores who can help you pull these looks together.  I’ve included links to where you can buy these items if you want to check that out.

Rustic Furniture Grouping

Industrial Rustic Furniture Grouping

1., Woodbridge Home Designs 70″ TV stand, $327.99

2., Safavieh Jax Coffee Table, $201.99

3., Bridgeport Round End Table, $235.99

Farmhouse Furniture Grouping

Farmhouse Furniture Grouping

1., Riverside Furniture Placid Cove End Table, $324.99

2., Riverside Furniture Coventry Two Tone Entertainment Center, $3,075.75

3., INSPIRE Q Edmaire Rustic Baluster Weathered Pine Coffee Table, $744.99

Spanish Style Furniture Grouping

Spanish Style Furniture Grouping

1., Liberty Traditional Spanish Kona Brown Cocktail Table, $543.99

2., Pulaski Credenza, $870.00

3., Arteriors Home Clint End Table, $792.oo

Silver and White Furniture Grouping

Silver and White Furniture Grouping

1., INSPIRE Q Davlin Hexagonal Metal Frosted-glass Cocktail Table, $299.99

2., Safavieh Lotem End Table, $111.99

3., Calligaris Seattle 3 door Credenza, $2,052.75

Here’s to hoping the purchases you and I are going to make will be well thought out and stick around for the long run!  If you would like to hear more of what I have to share, please like my blog on Facebook, or follow my blog here on Word Press.  You can also follow me on Pinterest to gather some inspiration for your future purchases!  Thanks for reading!


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