A Beautiful Home does not a Beautiful Heart Make

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I just finished watching a snip-it from the Ellen Show, where a kindergarten teacher from an elementary school was awarded $10,000 from Target because of the work she does at the school, and the way she cares for her students.  When they get to school each day, she spends time making sure they’ve been fed, have clothes, have brushed their teeth, etc.  Things that may go unnoticed to some, have not been overlooked by her.  She is not only caring for her student’s minds, but also their complete well-being.  I’ve linked the video from youtube below.

It was such a moving tribute to a beautiful, caring person, it made me think, why am I working on a blog?  Why am I not out there taking care of children like this women?  It is great to feel inspired.  To feel like you want to go above and beyond the norm.  Because I don’t have a job outside of my home, and I had surgery recently so I can’t do much at all, I thought I could at least write a post beyond what I’ve been sharing recently, which are tons and tons of free printables:).

I read a post on a DIY and Design blog a few months ago, I wish I could remember where it was so I could link to it, but the blogger had shared with her readers things that she did not want her blog to be.  I really appreciated that in her list, one thing that she did not want her blog to be is a creator of discontentment in those who read it.  She said that she did not share the things she did on her blog to breed discontentment in those who may not have as beautiful an entry way or as perfect a kitchen.  I really, really admired that, because I honestly had never thought of blogging from that aspect.  I thought of it as a way to share something I’m passionate about, not as an avenue that may cause others harm.  So, this leads me to the title, a beautiful home does not a beautiful heart make.  What would I strive for in my life?  A beautiful home, that looks like it came straight out of a magazine, or a beautiful heart?  I think most people I know would pick a beautiful heart.  Because of that, there house may not look like it was plucked out of the pages of Elle Decor.  Those people are often too busy volunteering, or there money is tied up in other good works for their church’s offering or their children’s school fundraisers to worry that their home is perfection.

Now, I’m not saying that someone who’s home does look like it was decorated for the pages of a magazine is not also out doing these good works.  There are some who have been blessed financially and can do both, or there are many people who are probably like me, and decorating their home is something they do in lieu of other things, like taking more vacations, or eating out at restaurants often.  For me, it is my hobby, so I enjoy it and I want to share it with you, but I also never want to create feelings of discontentment in others.

I can’t finish this post without saying this, the greatest gift that we have been offered is eternal life in heaven.  How we live our life on this earth is an example of how the love of Christ has impacted our life.  When others think of me, I want them to think of a beautiful heart, not a beautiful home.  I having a feeling many of you would hope the same thing for yourselves.  I’m thankful to this teacher for inspiring me, and I hope by sharing this some of you may also be inspired.

Thanks for stopping by!


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